Bachelor in Music Composition, Master in Audiovisual and currently working on his PhD research about 'the possibilities of producing sound in live cinema performances' - all of degrees at University of Sao Paulo – USP, Anselmo Mancini is a versatile composer who has been accumulating a wide range of studies and work experience over the last decade. His ability of composing, orchestrating and arranging for diverse types of musical styles, as well as playing piano, drums and singing, has been providing him the opportunity of participating in several kinds of musical projects.


In 2014 was finalist of the Transatlantyk Instant Composition Contest, in Poland, where got the 4th prize and honorable mention for original rhythmical work. Also in 2014 presented his paper about Villa-Lobos’ music for the feature “The Discovery of Brazil” at the Surrey Film Music Conference, in the UK.

As music director and composer of Teatro de Narradores, presented the spectacle “Final City – Choir City – Reverse City” at the Book Fair 2013, in Frankfurt, Germany. Moreover, in 2013 he worked on four Bertolt Brecht’s texts: The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (music by Rafael Amaral); and the operas He Who Says Yes (music by Kurt Weill); He Who Says No (music by Mancini); and The Decision (music by Hans Eisler).


In 2012 was contemplated with the Santander Bank Scholarship of International Mobility in order to attend an exchange postgraduate program in Film Studies at King’s College London, UK. Mancini has also performed at Montreux Jazz Festival 2006, Switzerland; participated to the International Gran Canaria Summer Festival of Choir Conductors 2009, Spain (where two of his pieces for choir were premiered: En las Noches Claras and Anhelo Infantil); and, SMI Postgraduate Conference 2013, Ireland, where he presented his article “The Musical Accompaniment in the Cinematographic Universe - Dialogue and Conflict of Generations”, and performed on the piano his soundtrack for Max and the Lady Doctor, by Max Linder.


Mancini is a specialist in live cinema performances and among several scores, has composed for the Hitchcock’s The Lodger and also for the Kurosawa’s Dreams. Both works were premiered and performed at MIS – Image and Sound Museum, in Brazil, with tickets sold out and extra sessions (also sold out); and the first one, also at Rational Theater, in Munich, Germany, being successfully praised by the German audience and specialized critics.


Currently, Mancini is Professor in the postgraduate course of Scoring for Cinema and TV at Anhembi Morumbi University, and in the undergraduate courses of Cinema, Audiovisual and Marketing at Unimonte University in Brazil. Besides, together with the composer Rafael Amaral, runs their own music company called Totem Music, which is specialized in soundtracks and live sound branding. In their portfolio are international leading brands such as GE, Michelin, 3M, Siemens, among others.




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